Five warning signs of drainage problems

Apart from expertise in this area, you may be unaware of a sewage system problem. Ignoring potential issues can lead to costly outcomes and consequences from corroded pipes and broken sewers.

Here are five warning signs of likely faults.

An Increase in your Water Bill.

Increases in the cost of water is a precise indication of pipe fractures or breakages and a common indication of broken pipework.

Reduced water pressure or outflow.

Water pressure and water flow serve different tasks. Water flow indicates the actual amount of liquid received from the tap to the basin, and a lower rate of flow suggests a leak somewhere in the piping. Conversely, water pressure applies to the intensity that water gets expelled and a smaller force will tell you that there is an expanded, cracked or burst pipe.

Offensive Odours.

Fungus loves moisture with mould and mildew being the two types of organisms that lead to musty odours in your home. Known health problems can result from exposure to mould; therefore addressing this problem is essential.

Constant clogging of drains.

Broken sewage pipes consistently clog. Common causes are debris that consists of hair, grease and food and continual clogging is an indication of significant issues.

Damp areas on floors or walls.

Dampness in areas that haven’t had recent spills should need attention as mildew or mould may start growing in your property and influence health problems.

If your Auckland home or building is experiencing unusual moisture problems, then it is time to contact your knowledgeable DVL specialist as soon as possible.